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A sharp mind and lightning reflexes are essential to winning. Put your skills to the test against thousands of others.

Team Liquid

The Pros of Team Liquid Explain the Importance of Training

The Lab exists for gamers like you to hone your skills by competing in mini games and testing your knowledge in esports quizzes. Check back regularly for new games and quizzes to prove to the world you are among the elite!

  • Gaming Quiz

    A sharp mind is essential to winning. Put your knowledge to the test for the chance to win some insanely awesome Alienware gear!

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  • Accuracy Test

    Click inside the circles quickly before they disappear! String together successful clicks to enter a bonus round for even more points!

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  • Reaction Test

    How fast are you? Click as fast as you can when the red box turns green. Do this five times to get an average score. Clicking too early three times means game over.

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